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Drop Off & Pick Up Procedures

After-School Arrangements:

Please make every effort to have all after-school arrangements settled with your child before school.  If changes need to be made after school has started, please contact the main office immediately to ensure dismissal is properly and efficiently communicated to our classroom teachers.


Students are not allowed to call parents to change after-school arrangements for social reasons. The telephones are for student emergency use only.  Students need permission from a school staff member to use the telephone.


Parent Pickup: If you are picking up the student at the end of the school day, your child will be waiting at the Kindergarten fence area with a supervisor. If your student normally rides the bus and there are any changes, you can communicate with the school through ParentSquare, by email, or phone to ensure the proper procedures are followed.


Our district transportation office asks that parents ask to change bus arrangements only for valid emergency reasons.  If you have such an emergency,  please send a signed note from home that  day, with your child’s name and teacher, specifying the name, address and phone number of where the child will be going, and stating the nature of the emergency.  If an emergency arises during the school day, please be sure to call the office prior to 2:00 PM.  Bus passes shall not be issued past 2:00 PM. Passes are not issued for play dates or after school activities such as Scouts, Camp Fire etc. Bus passes shall only be issued for valid emergencies.


Anyone picking up a child for an early dismissal must check in at the office, and sign out the child. I.D. will be required at that time.  If someone other than parent/guardian will be picking up your student, this individual must be on your student’s family access account as a person authorized to pick up your child and advance notice (in writing) is required. Taking your child off the parked bus before it departs school is not allowed.  Please make arrangements ahead of time if you intend to pick up your child after school, by calling the school office at 425-831-8300.


Bicycles: Only 4th and 5th graders may ride bikes or scooters independently to school (No eBikes or Motorized Scooters Allowed). The age requirement is because experts agree that this age group is mature enough to ride independently, and make appropriate judgments and reactions to traffic. Students younger than 4th grade must be accompanied by an adult. Children who ride bicycles and scooters to school are required by law to wear bicycle helmets.  Bikes are to be walked on and off campus.  All bicycles must be locked into the bicycle rack in front of the school during the day.


Parent Transportation and Visitor Parking 


Student safety is our primary concern. Drivers should make sure to obey posted speed limits, staff on duty, and diligently watch for students/families when arriving and leaving school. Students should enter and leave the vehicle from the curb/cone side. Pull all the way forward to the end of the coned off section, if possible, to allow the line to move smoothly and swiftly. This will help ease congestion. If your student(s) need assistance, please park in a designated parking spot to allow the line to continuously move. For parent and student safety, please parent/guardians should not exit their vehicle unless it is in a parking spot. Remember that you are a role model for students who are watching you.


Drop Off

  • Please have students exit the vehicle of your car on the curb side of the car.
  • If you use a parking space for drop off please walk with your student(s) to the school building/gate
  • Remember to use the crosswalk, do not walk between cars that are dropping off students.



Starts: 3:36 p.m.

Ends: 3:50 p.m.

  • Adhere to the same guidelines as arrival outlined in the previous section. Parents/guardians must attend to their vehicle in the pick-up lane. Staff will release students to their cars once information has been collected via student signs in the window or on the dash. If you need to go into the school please find a parking spot.
  • Please use the crosswalk when walking your student(s) to your parked car.
  • The parking lot can be congested at the end of the day, please plan accordingly if you wish to pick your student(s) up before the end of the school day. It takes approximately 20 minutes to get through the pick-up line once it begins moving if you are towards the end.


Thank you for helping keep our parking lot safe by ensuring that students always walk with an adult across the parking lot.


Dogs/Pets: No dogs or pets are allowed on campus, except required personal guide dogs.  “Show and tell” pet visits should be pre-arranged with the teacher, and then be on a leash or in a carrier.


Conferences: Conferences are scheduled by the school in the fall and will be optional in spring (as needed).  See the School District Calendar or our website at Teachers are available to conference during the school year by appointment.


Emergency Preparedness: It is imperative that we have updated emergency contact information on your student. Please provide your information at the start of the school year and update our office in the event of any changes.  


Fines: Students shall be responsible for the cost of replacing school materials or property which are lost or damaged due to negligence.  


Firearms/Weapons: Schools have a zero tolerance for firearms/weapons. This includes in school, at school sponsored activities, on school grounds, facilities, or school-provided transportation. In the unlikely event a student brings a firearm to school, it will result in an immediate expulsion for no less than one calendar year;  parents and law enforcement will also be notified. Per District Policy, the expulsion may be modified by the school district on a case-by-case basis.